Diwali 2020

With the festival of Diwali this weekend on 14th November, I had started taking notice of well-known brands and retailers who were identifying different cultural celebrations.

There are over 1.4 million Indians (either British or overseas) living in the UK and Diwali being one of the most widely celebrated festivals it’s no wonder why brands wouldn’t want to miss out….well that’s what you’d assume!

As lockdown 2.0 is well in place understandably my research expedition only made it online as well as asking my followers and connections on Instagram.  

Here are a few brands who were attempting to share Diwali in the best way they know how…


Hotel Chocolat – Diwali Chocolate Box Sleeve

I have seen Hotel Chocolat do this for a few years now where they display sleeves to go around their popular H Selection chocolate box. A simple Happy Diwali design in foiled print….a nice gesture for sure, but I have not seen this communicated on their website or over on Instagram. So, I am guessing unless you happen to see it instore it is highly unlikely you would know this is even available.

 Hotel Chocolat diwali sleeve


Argos – Diwali 2020 Gift Guide 

After doing a search for Diwali and UK retailers on Google, top of the list was an Argos Diwali 2020 Gift guide. Thoughtful in terms of identifying the celebration with gifts for the whole family. Also acknowledging that families would be celebrating at home there seemed to be appropriate suggestions and a link to an Indian sweet recipe from their partners, Sainsbury’s.


Argos Diwali 2020 giftguide


Waitrose – Seasonal Bay Execution

I am guessing most major supermarkets have done something similar but seeing as Waitrose is the only one closest to me – it made it on the list! Using a bay or two in their seasonal aisle which transitioned from Halloween to Diwali had your typical Indian-esq snacks, chocolates, candles and tealights and of course ghee!


Not On The High Street – Online/Instagram Post 

Makers and creators have been busy crafting beautiful gifts, artwork, food hampers and more for Diwali to be shared for all on Not On The High Street. Their Instagram account had a post with a cute little biscuit kit which wasn’t actually for Diwali but saw the potential for those celebrating the festival.


Waitrose and Not On The Highstreet Diwali 2020 feature


And so that rounds up my findings. I am sure there are other brands who have shared content on Diwali but I have not come across it.

With so many of us celebrating this festival at home I’d have hoped some of the brands who are seen to be forward thinking and leaders in their market would have acknowledged this and created thoughtful content for their audience.

Simple suggestions like having Diwali inspired recipe cards which Waitrose do, or even communicating the Diwali chocolate box sleeves would have been a start as so many of us are looking for alternative ways to show our loved ones that we care this Diwali.

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