Fathers Day

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Fathers Day

As far as I can remember, like most children I loved when it was my birthday. The gifts, the attention and feeling special because it was my day! 😊 And then with other celebrations like Christmas, Diwali. Rakshabandhan and anniversaries, it was another occasion to feel special and in return make someone else feel special by creating gifts for those close to me.

Mothers Day and Fathers Day have an extra special meaning now as becoming a parent you don’t do it for the acknowledgement, nor do you need it, but it’s the small gestures to mark the occasion which make it special.


Photo Cube

It’s been well over a year since Nivah was born and we don’t have any photos of her up around the flat. I guess it’s a common scenario when you take so many photos on your phone, printing them is just something that gets overlooked,

So, this year for Fathers Day I decided to print a few of my favourite photos of Jay and Nivah to put in a photo cube -  which you can buy on Amazon. I then created some graphics to place in between the photos.

Fathers Day cube

It didn’t cost much or take up too much time, but its sentimental and special to us all as a family. And I guess in my opinion, it is tasteful and stylish to have on display within our home – something that I can be very opinionated about 😊


Konoc Keyring

I came across Konoc on Instagram and I instantly loved the brand, their products and their story. I really liked the keyrings and thought it would be a nice little gift from Nivah if I had it personalised with ‘daddy’.

I was actually really excited to receive this, it was beautifully packaged and the product itself speaks quality in the materials used and craftmanship.

Konoc have many options to personalise their products, so the gifting possibilities are endless! I would recommend checking out their website – www.konoc.com



Chocolate Brownies 

I’m not much of a baker but I love sweet things, as does Jay. So, making these chocolate brownies for Fathers Day will be a sure thing. The recipe is tried and tested on many occasions, so I can almost guarantee you’ll love them! - https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/best-ever-chocolate-brownies-recipe

I just swap the white/milk chocolate for a helping of chopped hazelnuts to sprinkle on top. And a little tip (if you can call it that!) is to beat the eggs and sugar with preferably an electric whisk for a good few minutes so that the brownies turn out nice and fluffy!



If you have subscribed to my ‘Connecting Creatively’ newsletter I will be sharing a downloadable link of the graphics I created for the Fathers Day photo cube so you can go ahead and make your own! 😊

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