Why no faces?

Hey there!

It’s been a while since I’ve been here to write anything….almost a year! I hope you are all keeping well and staying healthy during this strange and challenging time. 


Well, since adding the Goddess prints to my collection I’ve been asked on many occasions why there are no facial features. I have always replied to everyone individually explaining my reasons, and so I thought it would be a good idea to put my thoughts in a blog for anyone else who is curious… 

To be perfectly honest when I have ideas I usually picture them in my head and then it’s just a case of getting it down on paper to digitise – it sounds rather simple, but there is a lot of sketching, doodling, procrastinating, sacking the idea off and then trying it all again until I’m finally happy with it!

For me, the beauty in these illustrations are their simplicity. I love that each Goddess symbolises different aspects of the female form and represents qualities we all aspire and often possess.

And so, by not having facial features takes away the personified element and instead brings emphasis on what each Goddess symbolises*.

Also from a creative perspective I have been heavily influenced by the Scandi and Nordic trends, I love how minimal and nature inspired the style is, and so wanted to bring this through in the illustrations.

When I was growing up Goddess images around my home were always very busy with lots of detail, and often as a child I was quite afraid of them! Which is ironic when that’s probably the last thing you want a child to feel when introducing faith in whatever form. My approach to these illustrations was to keep them simple in form and focus on creating symbolic elements with meaning and a style which is complementary within today's living environment.


Goddess prints


I am always open to suggestions and thank those of you who have shared yours. I appreciate the different points of view and the advantages of adding facial features. In fact, I worked with a lovely lady who requested a bespoke print for her daughters nursery which I will share with you all very soon!

Overall I’m really pleased with how they turned out, and humbled that so many of you guys think so too!....Thank you for the continued love and support! x


*Goddess Durga –

Portrayed as a warrior woman with 8 hands. Each hand holds a weapon which represents her teachings.

*Goddess Lakshmi –

 She is the Goddess of wealth, light, fortune, fertility, generosity and courage.

 *Goddess Saraswati –

 The Hindu Goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom, and learning.



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